Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love for Islam unites Pakistani, Malaysian

************* In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate; blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. ************** Reflection ********************* There is no god but He, Praise and glory to Him; Far is He from having the partners they associate unto Him. (Tauba 9:31) ***************** It was in early September of 2010. A group of Malaysian volunteers were in Pakistan to help residents who were made homeless after their villagers and towns were devastated in more than a month long flood. ****************** It was reported more than 2,000 people died while 25 million were displaced after the banks of the mighty Indus river overflowed after a dam in the upper lands burst. *************** The flood was also provoked by heavy rains after cyclone Yemyin hit the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh in the southwest of Pakistan. Many areas have been cut off due to rising waters. *************** In Balochistan, the most affected districts were Kech, Jhal Magsi, Bolan, Jaffarabad, Khuzdar, Sibi and Lasbella. In Sindh, districts Dadu, Jacobabad and Kambar were the most affected areas. ******************* Since the Malaysian delegation was unfamiliar with the local surroundings, they teamed up with volunteers from Pakistani groups; and one individual that gave a helping hand was Farhan Iqbal Khan. ******************* At first it was just work and work but after settling down and getting to know members of the group; from the dozen of volunteers, a long ‘tudung’ clad girl caught the attention of a just graduated 25 years old youth from Hajvery University in Lahore. ******************* In his eyes, the petite girl was unique, far, far different from the cosmopolitan girls he had met, acquainted or seen in metropolis Lahore and other major cities in Pakistan. ******************** As a part time volunteer for Al-Khidmat, a non governmental organization (NGO), who was assigned to help the Malaysian who were in his country; at first Farhan was shy but nevertheless he was determined to get to know the girl. ***************** It was in the month of Ramadan then, Farhan was touched but proud because all members of the Malaysian delegation were fasting eventhough they could skipped it as they were travellers. ***************** He noticed the girl was always with a small Qur’an, and during long journeys by buses and vans, she would reach for the holy book and recite it. ****************** Farhan was quick to establish that the girl was pious; he was more determined to get to know her better. During the course of their work, Farhan was asked a lot of questions by the girl; only then he realize that the girl was a reporter and not a volunteer in the real sense. ******************* That was why she posed a lot of questions, Farhan thought. As a journalist cum volunteer, she relied a lot on Farhan for information such as name of places and the latest development of the big flood. ********************* Their ‘getting to know each other sessions’ became better and they got closer by each day but then came the day when they had to part ways. ******************** The Malaysian delegation had to leave Pakistan, thus they were sadly separated but thanks to modern day technology, 'the love birds in making' from two far away countries had the internet to tender and water the seeds of love. *********************** After two years of weaving love via the internet and several visits by the dashing young Pakistani to Malaysia, on 15th June 2012, Farhan was solemnized as husband to Wan Intan Fadzilah Wan Mansor in an ‘aqad nikah’ in her hometown of Kuala Terengganu. ******************** Well that Intan Fadzilah is none other than our own publication reporter who used her pen name of INTAN Abdullah. *************** Congragulations to the newly weds; and to have a sight on their plans after their ‘Cinta Antara Benua’ affairs (Love from Different Continents – actually Pakistan and Malaysia are both in the continent of Asia), I talked to both of them during their reception lunch held at our editorial office in KL on the 26th June. **************** Intan said their interests to do ‘a bit’ on their part for Islam helped spark their relationship after their first encounter in Pakistan. She and Farhan shared dreams to to do voluntary works in far away lands where Muslims were denied their rights such as in Palestine. ***************** They discussed many things via the internet about what they might do to help unfortunate Muslims globally and after some time, Intan and Farhan realized they were strangers from two different countries proceeding on their mission. ******************** It was true, chatting and sending messages through their computers made them feel very close as though they were just next door, but the reality of it, they were separated by thousands of kilometers. ***************** They then decided to close the gap by getting married; it was not easy to make that decision as they realized the many hurdles they had to face including the difference in culture not to mention the food consumed; for example Pakistani staple food is wheat whereas for Malaysian it is rice! **************** But as the saying says, love has no boundaries (cinta itu buta, love is blind in Malay); Farhan and Intan are ready to face the difficulties that lie ahead and most important of all, the rules of Islam are there to guide them. **************** Farhan and Intan have found their love; the Qur’an says: “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.” (Qur’an 30:21) ****************** Yes, Islam united them as husband and wife; now they are free to do as their wished such as working hand in hand doing voluntary work. ***************** Hopefully this husband and wife team can make it to Palestine and other troubled Muslim lands, thus their dreams of helping the victimized would be fulfilled. ****************** The Qur’an says: “Cooperate with one another for virtue and heedfulness, and do not cooperate with one another for the purpose of vice and aggression.” (al-Maidah 31:8) **************** So to Farhan and Intan, all the best from us; and make sure as husband and wife team, both of you cooperate in the best way to produce the best for the Muslim ummah. ************* And to Farhan who had witnessed Intan's best quality during their earlier encounters, remember that a virtuous wife is a man's best treasure!

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