Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beware the du’a of the oppressed…

***************** In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. ******************* Reflection *************** The Declining Day (Al-'Asr) 1. By the declining day, 2. Lo! Man is in a state of loss, 3. Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. ************************* RECENTLY my newly found non-Muslim friend e-mailed me this SOS message. “My dearest comrade in PAS, this is a completely different type of message. I am crying out to you to please try to save me from my enemies. They have been sabotaging me quiet some time but their latest action against me is causing me to write this appeal to you." ******************* I guessed this friend had to encounter this problem after he became close to PAS. Perhaps he is now a member of 'Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS'. To lift up his spirit I e-mailed him with this message: ******************** “My dearest ………..; I am so sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing. I know it it is hard for you, but you must know that they were cowards and you are brave. **************** In the history of the Muslims during their first war with the Quraisy of Makkah, that was the Battle of Badr (Badar) the Muslim's army of only 313 people succeeded in defeated a sea of more than 1,000 armed warriors. **************** Then in todays world, in our context a Pakatan army with only our bare hands, insya-Allah (God willing), will defeated the sea of BN armies. ******************* So in Allah SWT, we trust, your computer mess is only the beginning, you will face more trouble ahead. Remember what one warrior had said - you could jail my body but not my SOUL, May God show you His true path!” ********************* Nowadays with the 13th general elections looming around the corner, we could see hundreds of BN (dacing) flags fluttering in public places through out the country especially near their 'bilik gerakan' (operations room). The local authorities seemed to have no power stopping BN fanatics from displaying the flags along roadsides and road dividers and to some extend even near schools and masjids compounds. ************************ It is not election time yet, but BN seem to have all the rights to do whatever it wishes to attract public attention, but different treatment would be given the local authorities to BN rivals if they make the same move. Of course it is double standard but who cares; some people says, "power and money could buy anything!" ************************** The BN leaders kept on repeating that "politics are out of bond in schools and masjids", but in reality this component party especially Umno had 'their hands full' on these institutions. They misused facilities in government building such as holding party gathering in schools hall and having meetings in 'suraus' (small masjid). ********************** Umno-BN leaders too are not happy if they know any government servants were members of the opposition groups; those who were active would be black listed and it was of no surprise if their names would be on the "waiting list to be transferred." *********************** Nowadays it is a common knowledge that the majority of government servants kept their distance from being associated with the opposition parties. For example they would be very careful not to be seen attending Pakatan Rakyat functions such as 'ceramah' (talks) and reading opposition news-letters such as Harakah and Suara Keadilan. *********************** In my hometown, at Melaka Sentral, alternatives papers are barred from being sold; officers from an agency of the state government would confiscated copies of the newspaper and gave warning to those concerned who rented and run the stalls that their premises would be sealed if they defied their orders. ******************* Talking about the oppressed, perhaps this development would give some insight to my new-found friend about challengers that he would face in the future as a person who was willing to fight for justice. ******************** A few weeks ago while driving along Jalan Bukit Katil, Melaka (near Masjid Bukit Katil); I noticed the building that housed Pasti Jaya Insan had been reduced to rubbles. ************************ In fact, the land had been flattened; the authorities concerned had cleared the area so that a road could be built on it that would be connecting busy Jalan Bukit Katil to a nearby housing estate. The Umno-BN led state government had used force to acquire the land by banking on ‘Akta Pengambilan Tanah 1960’ (Appropriation Land Act 1960). ******************* Yes, in the name of development, some Malay/Muslims were sidelined, they were being ‘chased’ out of their lands. They were told to vacate their lands and surrender their properties, paving the way for projects that benefitted those in power and a chosen few. ********************** Those in favour to save the Pasti, had tried their best including holding several demonstrations and distributing cards and leaflets to gain support from residents but finally they had to give way to ‘the powerful oppressor’. ********************* The demolition of the Pasti building is unjust and cruel actions of Barisan Nasional (BN) government upon the people especially children as their place of learning had been torn down. ******************* Prior to this, they did they carried out all sort of tactics including summoning the Pasti’s administrators to court, accusing teachers of preaching Islamic knowledge without permit from the Islamic religious council. But the cases are still pending, thus those in power have lost their patience in seeing that the Pasti’s activities ceased. ******************** Several other Pasti buildings in the state slapped with demolition orders by the city council, including those accused of not having Certificate of Fitness (CF). ********************* Regarding the demolition of Pasti Jaya Insan, former Melaka PAS State Chief, Ustaz Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahmanhad this to say: “PAS do not go against development but leaders must be fair to all. Our country is on the brink of collapsing because cronyism is flourishing, corrupt leaders are still being elected because the practice of cronyism. I do hope the people who have power to elect leaders through elections; wll get rid of these leaders who are very afraid of loosing power. Whatever their reasons (tearing down the Pasti building), we do not agree and we will fight to the end because their action is an act of cruelty to their political rivals with the misuse of government machinery in getting their dirty agenda fulfilled.” ******************* Regarding the latest development about Pasti Jaya Insan, I was told its operations had been shifted to a new building in Taman Merak, Bukit Katil. Insya-Allah (God willing), this Pasti would produce pious men and women in the future; they would know what is ‘halal’ and ‘haram’. ***************** They would also learn that the du’a (supplication) of those being oppressed would not be rejected by The Almighty for the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had said to Mua’ad Ibn Jabal; “Beware of the supplication of the unjustly treated, because there is no shelter or veil between it (the supplication of the one who is suffering injustice) and Allah.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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