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The East Coast trip...

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.


The Declining Day (Al-'Asr)
1. By the declining day,
2. Lo! Man is in a state of loss,
3. Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort 
one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance.

4. Tajuk: Di Dalam Lembah Kehidupan
Penulis: Prof Dr Hamka 
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3. Tajuk: Keadilan Ilahi
Penulis: Prof Dr Hamka 
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2. Tajuk: Rahsia Madinah (Jejak Rasul 2)-----------(XXXXXXXXX  MAAF, SUDAH DIJUAL)
Penulis: Khalil Ibrahim Mulla Khothir 
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1. Tajuk: Rahsia Mekah (Jejak Rasul 1)-------------(XXXXXXXXXXXX MAAF, SUDAH DIJUAL)
Penulis: 'Atiq bin Ghaits Al-Biladi
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TWO weeks ago I was 'busy' riding my 'kapcai' (small motorcycle) from my hometown of Melaka to Segamat, Mersing, Kuantan, Kertih, Kuala Terengganu and Setiu and from there I boarded a bus to Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan and then took the KTM train back to Segamat and home.

During the journey, my wife phoned to inform me that the PAS sole state assemblyman in Melaka (Dun Bukit Baru), Dr Mohd Khalid Kassim had called me at home; he and 'his troop' would like to pay me a visit for 'hari raya'.

Before proceeding on the 'matters' discussed during our 'hari raya' gathering on Monday, the 'barakah' (blessed) morning, the 17th July, I would like to jot down a few findings during my East Coast trip mainly regarding 'masjids' because they were my favorite 'stopover'  for resting and refreshing.  

Unlike in my home state of Melaka where one could find 'masjids' easily while motoring on its main road, the situation was different when I was riding along the Segamat - Kluang - Mersing and Kuantan stretch of road. 'Masjids' were far away from each other, if one failed to stop at a 'masjid' at a 'planned time' for prayers then the chances for him/her to meet another 'masjid' in time for the 'jemaah' (congregational) prayers would be nil!

In Terengganu even in rural areas, almost all of the government built 'masjid' were majestic and huge. It was said during the tenure of Umno 'menteris besar' up to the era of Dato' Seri Ahmad Said, new huge and sparkling masjids were built like there was no tomorrow. A new masjid in a small Malay village could easily cost between RM3 to RM5 million.

While in the state, sadly I found out that 'masjids' there attracted very few congregators during mass prayers for compulsory 'solat' such as 'zuhur' (afternoon) and 'isyak' (late evening) prayers. 

It was reported that the attendance at 'masjids' especially in rural areas was very poor even though the state government had built more than 100 'masjids' with several hundred millions of ringgit in allocations.

The state government was reported to have realized the situation and had taken various steps to rectify it such as introducing Qur'an learning sessions in 'masjids' and setting up tuition classes there.

The Terengganu government too had built a crystal 'masjid' and 21 replica 'masjids' costing millions of ringgit on an island (Pulau Wan Man) called ‘Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI)’ (Islamic Civilization Edutainment Park) at the estuary of the Terengganu River to project itself as being concerned about ‘religious’ matters. One can witness the glittering masjids when driving along the Sultan Mahmud Bridge in Kuala Terengganu.

In my opinion the Terengganu government should ‘muhasabah’ (re-evaluate) itself as to why the people shy away from 'masjids'. It is a pity and strange sight indeed when only a handful of veteran citizens come to pray in the many big and beautiful 'masjids' in the state. Only a handful of old timers are seen at 'masjids', so where have the youth or in general 'the people' of Terengganu gone to?

As I traveled like a 'Lone Ranger' on my motorbike during the latest journey, I took the opportunity to to explore the countryside where I managed to visit and prayed at several 'masjids' manned by PAS members. For example in Kampung Tepoh, a few kilometers north of Kuala Terengganu, I prayed at 'Masjid' Kampung Petaling.

'Subhanallah', the 'masjid' was still under construction, bags of cement were seen pilled up at the front section; the masjid was in a 'sad' condition; it looked like the administrators of 'masjid' was short of fund to complete building it. I was informed the committee of the 'masjid' was still looking for fund to finalize the building of the 'masjid'.

In Kampung Kelulut, a few kilometers south of Marang, I stopped at 'Surau' Izzul Islam to say my 'dhuha' prayers (mid morning recommended prayers). The small masjid which was near a Pasti kindergarten was 'far cry' to be compared with the gigantic and magnificent Masjid Kelulut which was not far away.

At its notice board, I was so touched while reading a notice mentioning the names of 28 people topping up to pay up its monthly electricity bill with a person donating RM10 per month! Even an 'arwah' (the late)  Roslida was listed paying RM10 per month. I guessed perhaps the late's kin was paying up in the name of his/her loved ones!

Now, what's up with the visit of Dr Mohd Khalid and 'his entourage'? To begin with, for readers information, Dr Khalid is now the new 'Pengerusi Lajnah Kesihatan PAS Pusat' (Chairman for Health Sector of PAS Central Committee) for the 2017-2019 session.

Dr Kassim mentioned the importance of health to individuals, society, the country and globally and emphasized if PAS could take the position to spearhead health issues of the country, then it could make waves in the coming 14th general election.

He said there were many health issues among others the shortage of drugs (medicine) that was suppose to be distributed to layman in government hospitals; i.e. previously patients could subscribe up to three months for a specific medicine but now its supply is only for a month.

Then, there was a flood of medical graduates, thousands of them were waiting to be called for their housemanship, some graduates had been left 'idling' for a year or so.

Dr Khalid pleaded if Harakah could provided space to highlight various health issues and he is ever ready to provide materials or being interviewed for the project.

Health should be among 'the front' in our life; the Prophet s.a.w. reminded us in his 'hadith' - “There are two blessings in which most people are in great loss: one is good health and the other is free time.” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6049)

In another 'hadith' the Prophet  has said: "Take advantage of five conditions before five others: youth before old age, good health before sickness, free time before you become occupied, wealth before poverty and life before death."

How true the Prophet s.a.w. is. The Almighty has not given us this good health to waste, He has given health and time to us for a purpose; that we worship him the way He is meant to be worshipped, to spread His religion and to call people towards Islam; and to help Humanity who are in dire need of help.
Then again, how many of us have put this good health to use? Many among us only realized it when health was taken away from us...thus Dr Khalid was 'absolutely right and timely' in calling us to emphasize to those concerned, please take his call seriously! 

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